• Weekly programming presented during the span of “Thousand” at Entrance

10/28/21 – Opening of the exhibition from 5-9pm (and after…). Danny Bowien (@danny_bowien) made fresh pumpkin congee presented on a table covered with repurposed branded, factory-reject packaging printed in USA (unconfirmed), shipped to India with intended secondary utilitarian uses, acquired in New Delhi between 2011 and 2019, and transported to NY in suitcases.

11/6/21 – Dylan Salomon Kraus (@pacingtiger) tattooed flash on old and new friends within the exhibition. The flash was all purchased (at a more than fair rate) from nomadic tattooers who trade and rework each other’s designs all over India during the past decade

11/14/21 – “The Birds Start Each New Day With A Song”; in collaboration with New Day Motor Club (@newdaymotorclub) a very special 1991 Geo Metro LSi Convertible was adorned throughout the day with decals, oil paint, and ephemera. Hand lettering of the titular phrase was done by artist and friend, Francesco Igory Deiana (@francescoigorydeiana). Additionally, Shyan Zakeri (@shysburgers) brought his griddle to the street outside of Entrance and fed many of the visitors.

11/21/21 – Screening of “Isa’s Disappearance Theory of History” by Isadora Reisner (@land.of.isa) within the ground floor exhibition, along with a shared meal of ‘Nick’s Favorite Food’ prepared for all the visitors. Additionally, a new banner I made for Entrance was hung concurrently outside of the gallery by Matthew Tully Dugan (@tullydeluxe).

Isa’s Disappearance Theory of History” – description courtesy of Isa; While shopping for vintage shoes, Isa had a brain blast that connected 12,000 years of history in Massachusetts, starting from a sacred ceremonial hill used during the Pocumtuck Confederacy, to Thomas Cole’s paintings in the 1830s, to an art show in a swamp in 2021. Follow along the wild ride of Isa’s mind and walk away with a renewed sense of the spirit and a peak into the glorious mysteries of the past– which we can only learn by going forward “Isa’s Disappearance Theory of History” was given on October 9, 2021 in Northampton, MA by Isadora Reisner, as part of The Swamp Show, curated by Charlotte Kohlmann. A transcript of the talk was published in the Swamp Show Catalog, out with Mundus Press in 2022. Video by Larry Termite.

‘Nick’s Favorite Food’ is a vegan lentil stew/dal/chili I started making for myself every 10 days after I bought an instant pot at the start of quarantine, and ate it for dinner almost every night.

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