• Thousand at Entrance

“Thousand”, October 28, 2021 – November 28, 2021, Solo Exhibition at Entrance Gallery, New York, NY

Ground floor and basement installation including images, paintings, sculptures/arrangements, site-specific interventions along with weekly programming activating elements within the exhibition – Tattoos given on site based on collected flash sheets that appear as screen prints and influenced paintings within the show; Adornment of a car using methods reflecting those within many images in the show, and that have been applied to a variety of forms; Screening of “Isa’s Disappearance Theory of History”, a video work by Isadora Reisner with parallel themes to those explored in the exhibition, alongside the artist making a shared meal for all present.

Thousand exists as a leveling effort – a push to place disparate entities into a central space of value. Objects and actions consolidate; reify into shared and concrete forms. One can uphold, negate, live through, come back as, and exist in tandem with another.
Something can be saved and discarded at once – does respect count if performed incorrectly?
Rituals stem from simple actions – If you do something every day for 21 days it becomes a habit, after ten years is it something beyond that?
*potential energy
**Do vacuums breathe?
If a basement is the stomach of a building, storage and digestion are the same.
In Snakes and Ladders, your rhythm can be interrupted by channels upwards, transported to a new level by the chance of a number. You can fall through a hole, do something wrong and get sent downwards, pushed back on the curved path negotiating squares.
Snakes and Ladders connect these layers, resting on a linear narrative of success – it is best to move through quickly, to skip as much as possible, to reach the top. But is the top not a layer resting precariously on the construction of all that comes before it? Is it more successful to skip through rather than to loop in and out of layers, to find new paths through them, and therefore know in relation rather than in sequence?

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