• La Rentrée; presented by Entrance at The Community, Paris

10/18/2023 – 11/11/2023

Text courtesy Louis Shannon / Entrance Gallery;
La Rentrée’ is a group show bringing together the artist community that represents Entrance’s values in NYC. Our gallery was established in 2017 by my brother Jack and myself to promote new artistic voices, prioritizing solo debuts through a collab- orative mindset. We frequently met the artists for our shows through those whom we were currently exhibiting. Indeed the greatest afternoons at the gallery have been when Entrance functions as an informal salon, spontaneous ‘studio visits’ occur and good conversations between artists help everyone along with their own practices, however divergent in medium and vision. Creative generosity is at the core of our program, through that the artists involved are have all become friends and family, and sometimes literally are. This show was curated with those afternoons and conversations in mind. Though Entrance has grown in the last six years to include programming at art fairs, international exhibitions and frequent collaboration with other galleries, in this case 56 Henry in NYC, we always endeavor to return to these founding principles. The Community has always felt like a ‘sister space’ to us, for all these reasons, and it’s a privilege to share our corner of the world with you here in Pantin.

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