• “Infinite Identities – Photography in the Age of Sharing” at Huis Marseille

Group exhibition at Huis Marseille, Amsterdam.
28.11.2020 — 29.08.2021

Text courtesy Huis Marseille;
Infinite Identities. Photography in the Age of Sharing displays the work of eight artists and photographers who use Instagram to develop aspects of their art and to communicate about their practice. The exhibition shows how this social media app can add a virtual layer to the art world, alongside the atelier, museum or gallery. At the same time, Infinite Identities. Photography in the Age of Sharing is an exhibition in which subject and working method come together at the meta-level: prepared during the pandemic, it used only digital methods. How profoundly are the internet and social media going to change long-standing museum processes in the future? Infinite Identities. Photography in the Age of Sharing mixes online and offline experiences, and the virtual world is translated into tangible, autonomous museum installations. The exhibition sketches an image of what today’s social media photography, in the still-early age of Instagram, can already contribute to the development of art.

The photographer Nick Sethi is American by birth but his roots lie in India, and over the years he has developed a deep affinity with his parents’ native country. He currently lives in New York, but in the past few years he has returned to India on countless occasions to explore the country through his sensitive and affectionate photography, generally using himself and his own interests and history as his starting point.


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