• Flora et Cetera

For me photography is a highly spiritual process. It’s a practice of mindfulness, acute attention, connection, and respect. It’s a constant reminder of one’s place in the world, and relationship with all that’s around us.

On a recent work trip to Mexico City, I found myself spending most of my free time obsessing over and photographing the flora of the city. The trees and plants I came across commanded a lot of importance, and seemed to greatly influence the architectural and built environment around them. Yet, I was finding it impossible to single them out in a photograph. Many times a red car, protective fence, or signage of some kind appears in the frame as well, suggesting that their, and all of our relationships to our environment is one of give and take.

There is something so strange and special about this constant negotiation that leads to all our worlds overlapping and co-existing, and this book is my way of taking notice of, appreciating, and being in dialogue with it all.

Flora Et. Cetera
200pp, A4, Self Published

Available for purchase here

Tags: 2022 Publications