• Find God for Office Magazine

Text as printed in Office Magazine s/s24:

Simon’s prompt to me was as simple as it was impossible… in 12 pages, “Find God.” These photographs depict a 300 year old sacred tree in Tamil Nadu, one whose root system connects both below and above ground, whose trunk is the mother and roots and branches are her children, whose caretaker – nicknamed “Ma” – hasn’t left her side in decades, who my friend Paige and I got lucky enough to travel days towards and spend hours with, who met my own mother over FaceTime, who started as a tiny seed and has evolved into a whole universe, home to termites, puppies, poisonous snakes, rituals, wishes, intentions, water, air, wind, fire, and most importantly, faith.

My camera is my religion, my spirituality, my mindfulness practice, and my tether to all. My reason to pay acute attention and my way to connect and respect. The shutter button is my favorite thing in the world. Every click is a small “I Love You” and not a moment is ever wasted. It’s my way of noticing what I’m already noticing, examining it, being thankful for it, and even letting it pass. I’ve clicked well over a million frames so far… I’ve counted. I don’t know if I need to find god, but I’m excited to keep looking.

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