• Lovely Thing 01 – Kodak Moments

We had 2 of these frames in the townhouse I grew up in until I was 10. I still have vivid memories of many of the exact photos in each frame (me as a baby in dustbuster box, parents at Mardi Gras before I was born, 3 generations outside India Gate, and even a portrait of my stuffed dog, Kirby). I haven’t seen them since, and I don’t know what happened to those frames, so I recently bought a vintage one online that I thought looked and felt the part. When I got it I realized it was the exact same one with the same mat and photo placements… With over 7,000 photos made with Bob & his fam, I picked this edit because it felt closest to what I think those frames and photographs meant to my family… time spent and moments shared together, both significant and everyday, but cherished nonetheless.

21 1/4 x 17 1/4 x 1/2
(Featuring Bob, Shuzun, Bilkis, Sonia, Tania, Mama, Jimmy, Nikita, and Nick)

Tags: Bob 2020 Projects