• Circle of Confusion

CIRCLE OF CONFUSION was photographed chronologically in two short bursts in and around Sadar Bazaar, New Delhi’s largest and most hectic wholesale market. In an impressive display of organized chaos, porters transport goods through the labyrinth of alleyways, intersections, and roundabouts with handmade carts that they adorn to distinguish ownership.

In photographic terms, the CIRCLE OF CONFUSION refers to an optical spot used to determine the depth of field, the part of an image that is acceptably sharp.

When photographing in Sadar Bazaar, it’s impossible to stop, observe, and compose a photo without disrupting flow of traffic. So as I feel situations unfolding, I just point and click, allowing technology, chance, and intuition to choose the crop and focus, and in turn expose the final image.

For the NYC launch, books were presented on a cart reminiscent of the ones pictured in the book.

140pp, A4, self published, 2022

Available HERE

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