• Being Human 24/7

I headed to Jaipur excited to meet the Gimaguas girls for the first time, and even more excited for the photoshoot we had planned. What I couldn’t predict was what grew between us over the next few days… A deep friendship shaped by learning from and being inspired by everything around us. This book is dedicated to the countless beautiful people, experiences, stickers, trees, tee shirts, and puppy dogs we came across that week.

96pp, A4
Edition of 120, 2024

Published in collaboration with Gimaguas to accompany their Summer’24 campaign, photographed in Jaipur, India in February 2024
Launched at the Gimaguas New York Ephemeral Store on June 4th, 2024

20 Special Edition copies were additionally available at the launch and online within the EU, including a curated selection of items acquired in Jaipur: two mini kites, candy, “Don’t Stress” t-shirt and pin, and a poster, all held together in a decorative vinyl folder along with the publication.

Available for purchase HERE

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