• A Guided Meditation with Susan Cianciolo at Dakota 10/22/22

On 10/22/22, we were lucky enough to host a guided meditation led by Susan Cianciolo in our space. Susan also brought some tapestry works in progress to decorate the tables and seating, and made baked goods for us to enjoy throughout the evening.
More than just a document, we see this book as a continuation of that meditation and a practice in mindfulness itself; a way to notice and honor all things around us, however small or unconnected they may seem.
Amongst other things, the book illustrates the layout of the meditation circle, the works presented, the seating used, the snacks and tea consumed, books presented on the dining table (in typical Dakota fashion), the fading of the sunlight, the setup and cleanup, and most importantly the meditation itself (photographed on a silent camera as to not disturb the participants).
The book was launched on August 19, 2023 at Maryam Nassir Zadeh, 123 Norfolk St., New York, NY.

Published by Dakota, 2023
96pp, A4

Available to purchase through Dashwood Books

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